I have organized my teaching experience first by place, from latest (Brown Family Medicine Residency and Middlebury College) to first (Tanzanian secondary schools).

Brown Family Medicine Residency
  • Health Geography Primer for Rhode Island Family Medicine (post)
  • Participatory Mapping and GIS for Community Health (post)
  • Geographic Community Health Analysis (post about work in progress)
Middlebury College (Visiting Assistant Professor & GIS Teaching Fellow)
  • GEOG 100 Place and Society (internet resources)
  • GEOG 120 Fundamentals of GIS
  • GEOG 205 Geographies of Nature, Power and Society (internet resources)
  • GEOG 209 Human Geography of Natural Hazards (internet resources)
  • GEOG 212 Urban Geography (internet resources)
  • GEOG 328 Open GIS for the Developing World (post)
  • GEOG 428 Seminar in Geographies of Climate Change Adaptation and Development
  • Advising independent senior work in geography, multi-disciplinary senior thesis work, and research assistants in environmental studies and computer science (undergraduate research posts)
University of Mary Washington (Visiting Assistant Professor)
  • GEOG 102 Introduction to Human Geography
  • GEOG 245 Environment and Society
  • GEOG 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Cartography
Tanzania: Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro (Jane Goodall Institute intern and independent researcher)
  • Roots & Shoots primary school and secondary school environmental service learning projects, including: community mapping, stream clean-up and restoration, tree nurseries, tree planting
  • American college and high-school study trips to the Kilimanjaro region for:
    field studies and service learning
  • Mweka Village environmental meetings and workshops on:
    climate change, forestry, water resources, agroforestry, organic vanilla production, sustainable energy
University at Buffalo, State University of New York (Graduate Student)
  • GEO 221/505 Univariate Statistics (recitation instructor)
  • GEO 330 Dynamics of International Business (assistant)
  • GEO 334 International Environments and Commercial Problems (adjunct and assistant)
  • GEO 367 Urban Social Geography (assistant)
  • GEO 481/506 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (lab instructor)
Tanzanian Secondary Schools in Mwanza and Bukoba (Peace Corps volunteer)
  • Form I: Orientation to English Language
  • Form I: Mathematics
  • Form I – VI, Faculty, and Staff: Computer Studies & Information Technology
  • Computer Laboratory Administrator and Technician